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Thank You!!

On Sunday morning, I made a request for assistance for the victims of the flooding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The main reason for the request came from the fact I was following what was going on in Baton Rouge through the thoughts of David Chisham, pastor of First Christian – Baton Rouge and son-in-law to David and Fran Adkins. David and I had shared a room together at the General Assembly in Columbus, Ohio in 2015 and I knew that he would be working with the Baton Rouge community to care for people. FCCBRLA had become a place that cared for Red Cross volunteers as well as those who had been flooded out. The congregation itself had 28 families that had been affected.

When I made the call for help, it was with the intent to purchase air mattresses, something that David had posted as a need. Sunday afternoon in conversation with David, I found out that a more critical need was packing supplies and boxes. My intent was to purchase items to help out and ship them to Baton Rouge. That was until I found out how much we had collected. Through your generous giving we have collected a little over $1000 to assist the victims.

Consulting with David, we decided that it might be better for us to send FCCBRLA a check so that they can use the monies as expediently as possible and care for the greatest needs.

I want to thank you for your generosity and love. It never ceases to amaze me how loving, caring and generous this congregation is. I am humbled to be your pastor.

Thank you again for your gifts, I know that they will be well used for FCCBRLA and the Baton Rouge community.

Pastor Matt

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